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New Fee Area: South Overlook Near Quail Creek State Park

March 31, 2023

Quail Creek State Park

HURRICANE, Utah — Beginning May 1, 2023, the Utah Division of State Parks will begin enforcing a day-use fee for the South Overlook parking lot near Quail Creek State Park

The overlook and parking lot, located at 451 N. SR-318, Hurricane, Utah, is a popular staging area for visitors. The land is owned by the Washington County Water Conservancy District and is also home to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Field Office.

Garbage at Quail Creek State Park, South Overlook

Over recent years, the South Overlook has seen a significant increase in human and animal waste, trash, and other items left behind by visitors. In some instances, vehicles have parked so densely in the parking lot that vehicles cannot enter or exit.

To help combat these issues, the Utah Division of State Parks will begin managing public use of the parking lot and charging those utilizing the parking lot and overlook a day-use fee.

“Responsible recreation is key when visiting any outdoor area,” Quail Creek State Park Manager Candance Smith said. “Nobody wants to go out for a day of fun and come across things like trash and human waste. Please remember to utilize the facilities appropriately, pack out what your pack in, and respect others around you.” 

Waste left behind at Quail Creek State Park, South Overlook

The fees are charged per vehicle and are currently set at $15 for Utah residents, $20 for non-residents, and $5 for those walking in or using a bicycle. The Utah State Parks annual day-use passes are also accepted. Payment can be made either via the provided box and envelopes or online via the QR codes on the entrance signs. The day-use fee is not applicable for those accessing the Wildlife Resources Field Office.

Fees gathered from the area will be invested back into the management and improvement of Utah’s state parks system. 

Parking congestion at Quail Creek State Park, South Overlook
Quail Creek State Park South Overlook and DWR parking lot. CTSY: Google Earth

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