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5 Tips to Enjoy Christkindlmarkt SLC 2022

CTSY: Christkindlmarkt SLC

Nov. 27, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — The holiday season is here, and with it comes another year of the popular Christkindlmarkt SLC event at This is the Place Heritage Park

Each year, thousands of families and friends gather together to celebrate the season while spreading holiday cheer along the way.

Inspired by the world-famous German Christmas markets, Christkindlmarkt SLC offers a unique holiday shopping and cultural experience.  Guests enjoy tantalizing food and festive holiday entertainment as they stroll through wooden vendor booths nestled amid the magical backdrop of This Is The Place Heritage Park. 

CTSY: Christkindlmarkt SLC

The mission of Christkindlmarkt SLC is to encourage children to serve and then celebrate their service at the market.  This commitment stems from the German story of St. Martin and his charitable acts. Each year the market supports a local cause through a community-driven partnership called the St. Martin’s Project. 

The market will feature over 100 vendor booths selling unique gifts and food, a petting zoo, live music, dancing, parades, a live nativity, and much more

With so much to enjoy and so many visitors excited to join in on the fun, here are our five tips to help make the most of your visit. 

Christkindlmarkt Map
Christkindlmarkt Map | Click to enlarge

1- Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead is probably one of the most important tips for visiting any state park event, especially when planning to attend an event as popular as Christkindlmarkt SLC. One of the things that makes this event so fun is the outdoor environment, but be sure you check the weather and dress accordingly. 

We also recommend consulting the official Christkindlmarkt SLC schedule and arriving early with plenty of time to spare. For your safety, please follow the directions on the electronic and static signages to help us keep traffic flowing.

Christkindlmarkt Parking
Christkindlmarkt Parking Map – NO PARKING IN RED AREAS | Click to enlarge

2- Respect the Neighbors 

Speaking of traffic flow, visitors are reminded to please respect the local neighborhoods and businesses surrounding This is the Place Heritage Park. Only park in designated areas and avoid parking on side streets, driveways, and other areas where street parking is prohibited. 

This year, Christkindlmarkt SLC has added additional vehicle stalls and traffic counters inside the parking lot. Parking maps online to help you find your way. Eleven police officers will also be on-site to help manage traffic flow.  

Utilize the map in this section to plan your route. Follow the orange arrows on the map for the north entrance and the blue arrows to the south. Thank you for NOT PARKING in the red areas.

You can help by carpooling to the event with your friends and family. This helps keep more parking spots available at the event and also lets you all visit and share your favorite Christkindlmarkt moments with each other afterward. 

Thank you all for your continued respect toward those who live and work in the area! 

Click here for directions to the NORTH ENTRANCE!

Click here for directions to the SOUTH ENTRANCE!

3- Attend a Parade

With so many events to attend and places to explore at Christkindlmarkt SLC, it’s easy to have your day fill up fast. One of the many events you won’t want to miss is the fabulous parades — such as the St. Martin’s Lantern Parade.

Lantern parades are a rich German holiday tradition. Every year on November 11th, St. Martin’s Day, children parade with handmade lanterns to honor service and good works. This parade is also unique in that participants are made up of children who have volunteered and done good service for their community. These can include services like shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk, helping someone carry their bags, raking leaves in your neighborhood, organizing a food drive, and so much more. 

Can’t make the Lantern Parade? No problem! Visitors can also join us Friday and Saturday for the parades honoring St. Nicholas

4- Celebrate Service 

While the vendors, goodies, and parades are all fun activities, it is important to remember that the spirit behind Christkindlmarkt SLC is the celebration of service. The kindness we all show one another helps spread love and cheer to all for the holiday season. 

Since 2020, Christkindlmarkt SLC has been teaming up with a local organization each year to make a positive impact in the community, known as the St. Martin’s Project. This year, they’re partnering with The Ron McBride Foundation to support afterschool programs in Title 1 Schools statewide.

As part of the St. Martin’s Project, you’re encouraged to contribute new sports balls of any type, along with cash or credit card donations, to The Ron McBride Foundation. Simply bring your donations to the St. Martin’s Booth and help The Ron McBride Foundation reach its goal of providing valuable afterschool programs in 23 schools this year.

Remember, the spirit of service you found at Christkindlmarkt is one that you can carry through the rest of the year. The gift of service is one that you can give year-round!

Help us put the KIND in ChristKINDlmarkt.

5. Share Your Experience 

We hope you have a fantastic time at Christkindlmarkt SLC 2023 and will tell your friends and family about the good times you had. If you plan to share your experience on social media, please tag the event in your post using @thisistheplaceheritagepark and @christkindlmarktslc

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