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Wasatch Mountain State Park Construction and Tree Removal

UPDATE August 10, 2022: The public is invited to attend a project update meeting regarding this campground construction. Click here to learn more. 

Large Tree Collapse at Wasatch Mountain State Park

June 28, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah State Parks is constructing a new campground near the Chalet at Wasatch Mountain State Park. This area was chosen because of the proximity of the trees, natural greenery and overall beauty. 

Recently, approximately 10 black willow trees in the area were marked for removal because they posed potential safety risks to the roadway, hikers and those who would camp in the nearby campground being constructed. 

The Utah Division of State Parks takes the safety of our visitors seriously. However, due to concerns brought forth by the local community, we are halting the removal of these trees while we further evaluate their health and examine possible alternatives for the area. 

Nonetheless, safety is our top priority, and the trees will be removed if they are unsafe.

The area after the fallen tree was removed at Wasatch Mountain State Park

Many of these trees have had limbs and large sections break away, and others have begun to rot at their core. Recently, a large tree broke and collapsed into the road. Thankfully, no visitors or vehicles were damaged.

As part of the campground construction, we are working with an arborist to select and replant over 30 trees in the campground that will provide wildlife habitat and add to the area’s natural beauty for years to come.

Utah State Parks is committed to informing the community about this project and other improvement projects at all state parks. Should visitors encounter something that sparks a question or concern, we encourage them to reach out to the park ranger or other staff member in that area. 

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