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Find Bigfoot at Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Spring weather has arrived in Utah, which means thousands of Utahn’s and other visitors are gearing up to spend this holiday weekend in the great outdoors. They aren’t the only ones making the trip, however. Visitors to southern Utah may catch a glimpse of Bigfoot joining in on the outdoor festivities at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Well…a statue of him that is.

The large statue arrived at Coral Pink earlier this year. With the spring season now kicking off, the park has decided that it’s time for Bigfoot to make his entrance.

The statue will be placed in hidden locations within the state park’s boundaries. If you come across him, be sure to take a selfie. Post the selfie to your social media accounts with the hashtags #CoralPinkSandDunes and #SandSquatch.

If you show the post to park staff at the visitor’s center, you’ll get a discount on an awesome T-shirt.

The statue will be moved periodically, so while you may know the location of him at one point he very well may have been moved to another by your next trip. Park Ranger Patrick Buhr said that the statue adds another fun aspect to an already action-packed park.

“Coral Pink is unique because we have a little bit to offer everybody,” he said. “We have amazing campsites, miles of off-highway vehicle riding on the dunes, dark skies, hiking, and even sandboarding. Now, people can add another awesome activity to their list when they come to visit.”

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is located just outside the city of Kanab, in Kane County. Coral Pink Sand Dunes is the perfect basecamp for your next adventure, with mulitple statate parks, national parks, and other recreation areas surrounding it. The park itself features guided ATV tours, multiple campgrounds, and access to some of the best dune-riding in Utah.

Visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes!

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