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Moab Friends for Wheelin’ ‘Crawls’ Into 2018 With Trail Project

MFFW president Jeff Stevens looks after the group as they ascend the “Z Turn”

MOAB — Whoever said the government and private citizens couldn’t work together never met the Moab Friends for Wheelin’ or the Moab BLM Field Office.

Both groups met at the Moab Rim, a popular multi-use trail. The volunteer work they did throughout that day would benefit the thousands of OHV enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and hikers who frequent Moab every year.

Volunteers installed signs along the trail that included a multitude of information about the trail. Some of this info included obstacles difficulty levels, mileage, and maps indicating the traveler’s location.

An example of the signs found along the trail

Along with this info, the signs also included reminders to travelers that they should always stay on designated routes, leave the trail clean, and to respect the land and others who enjoy it.

The group also installed a fence over a potentially dangerous overlook. These simple fences blend in easily with the landscape and help keep people within a safe boundary.

The Moab Friends for Wheelin’ Club is made up of passionate 4×4 advocates who have been working diligently to restore and maintain trails in the Moab area since they were founded in 2005.

Their members are also certified Trail Hosts through the Utah State Parks OHV Program.

Club members and the BLM working together

Projects such as these are a big help when it comes to preparing for future events. In this case, the group is prepping for the upcoming Easter Jeep Safari; where thousands of avid trail lovers flock to Moab for one of Utah’s largest OHV events.

The group works hard and continues to keep a busy schedule in the Moab area. So if you have a capable 4×4, a good work ethic, and a passion for recreation, contact the Moab Friends for Wheelin’ Club to learn how you can get involved.

This volunteer opportunity was made possible through funding and partnership with the Utah BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and Division of Parks and Recreation OHV Program.

Curious about upcoming volunteer projects or want to learn more? Contact the OHV Program for more information by emailing ohveducation@utah.gov.

Moab Friends for Wheelin’

Moab BLM Field Office

The fence blends with the landscape while keeping visitors safe

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