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What Causes Boating Accidents?

SALT LAKE CITY — When thinking of the scene of a boating accident, the image brought to mind is often one of dark skies, big boats, and high waves. However, this is not the case.

The majority of boating fatalities take place on smaller sized boats under 21 feet, with light wind, and on waves smaller than 2mfeet. Quite the contrary to what boaters often think of as hazardous.

Operator Inattention is the number one contributing factor in boating accidents. Drivers are often distracted, not keeping their hands on the wheel, or unaware of the actions of other people and boaters around them.

What are some steps you can take to avoid a boat collision?

    • Keep your hands on the wheel!
    • Appoint a secondary lookout.
    • Follow navigation rules.
    • Use extra caution when turning.
    • Watch actions of other boaters and swimmers.

Remember: Pay attention or pay the price!

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