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Things to Know Before You Tow

We can all agree that towing friends and family behind the boat is one of the best ways to recreate in the outdoors.

However, before you strap on the wakeboard and practice your 360, let’s go over some rules you should remember. Here at Utah State Parks, we’ve seen a lot of mistakes and mishaps when it comes to towing, so follow the below guidelines to make sure you and the other riders have a safe and fun time on the lake.

  1. Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel | GoPro

    Towing is allowed only between sunrise and sunset, so no night towing.

  2. All persons being towed must wear a properly sized life jacket. (Inflatable PFDs may not be used by those being towed. It is prohibited to tow a person in a non-standing position within 20 feet of the back of the boat.
  3. In addition to the boat operator, you must also have an observer – at least 8-years-old – on board to watch and communicate with the skier. The observer must continuously observe the person(s) under tow and display a “skier down” flag whenever a person is in the water after falling or while preparing to ski (the flag must be visible from all directions).
  4. Remember, the person being towed also counts towards your maximum person capacity, so don’t go over!

Be safe and have fun out there. Don’t forget your sunblock!

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