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Drowning at Deer Creek State Park – Nobody Is Invincible

SALT LAKE CITY  The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation would like to express our condolences to the friends and family of Anuj Khandelwal, who died over the weekend following a kayak accident at Deer Creek State Park.

With paddle sports continuing to increase in popularity, it would be irresponsible for Utah State Parks to not remind everyone about the importance of life jacket safety. While state law only requires an adult have a life jacket onboard their vessel, wearing the life jacket while on the water at all times could make all the difference.

In Utah, 80% of boating fatalities involve people who are not wearing a life jacket.
Boating accidents and fatalities can occur in all situations and weather conditions;
even sunny skies and calm waters.

Boating fatalities in Utah are high compared to other states. Utah ranks in the Top 10 for boating fatalities; with 11.1 deaths per 100-thousand registered boats. This incident marks the third boating related death for 2017.

For us, even one death is one too many. We are asking all those venturing out to
recreate in this beautiful state to please remember to wear your life jackets.
Accidents do happen. Nobody Is Invincible.

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