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OHV Volunteers Nail Another Project

The volunteers came across a lot of unique items, including a wheel.

BOUNTIFUL — Summer is in full-swing, which means OHV trail volunteers are out in force and working double-time to help ensure our natural resources are well maintained and safe for everyone.

On Saturday, July 15th, a group of these volunteers gathered together up above the Bountiful B for some much-needed cleanup work.

The group comprised of 17 volunteers from the Utah Off-Road Expo, Salt Lake Off-Road Expo, Davis County Snowmobile Club, Utah Snowmobile Association, Utah Jeep Crew Community, and Trails Off-Road. Projects such as this give riders a safe and clean place to recreate; as well as enhance the Utah State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Program.

For the project, the group focused their efforts on different sections of the trail, and camping pullouts of Ward Canyon Road.

The Salt Lake Offroad Expo also provided a large 5-ton dump trailer. This ended up being especially handy due to a large amount of trash and other items the group cleaned up.

Volunteers collected buckets full of nails left behind from pallet burning.

Along with the typical camping waste, the crew also came across some unique items during the project. These included golf clubs, furniture, shock absorbers, and even wheels.

While on the cleanup project, the volunteers also collected multiple buckets of nails that were left behind from burning pallets. These nails can become hazardous to vehicle tires, pets and people walking barefoot or in sandals.

Pallet burning is considered littering and people can be given a citation if they are caught burning pallets. Air quality is also impacted from burning manufactured products such as pallets, so you’re better off getting good old-fashioned fire wood for your next camping trip.

Following the day of hard work, the volunteers were also treated to some giveaways from Tony Divino Toyota.

The Division of Parks and Recreation and Off Highway Vehicle Program would like to thank all of the volunteers who lent their time to the project, as well as to Tony Divino Toyota for their involvement. Thank you for helping keep our trails clean and maintained. 

We would also like to thank Matt Hales from the Salt Lake Ranger District for leading the project and to Alex Gertsch for bringing all of these dedicated volunteers together.

Learn more about these service groups by clicking the names in the article above.

The volunteers pose after a fun day of trail cleaning

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