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Common Goal: OHV Community Members Join Forces For Service

Volunteers digging water bars

AMERICAN FORK CANYON — Often times in the recreation world, we can get caught up in our own fun and forget about the other user groups who enjoy the great outdoors just as much as we do.

One group of recreation enthusiasts have stepped away from this tribal mindset, and continue to push for the benefit of all outdoor user groups.

The group’s most recent project took place up American Fork Canyon at a single track motorcycle trail south of Little Deer Creek #252. Here volunteers spent the day doing some heavy trail work.

This included digging drainage for water, clearing brush, tread work, re-routing a small portion of the trail, and even clearing trees with chainsaws.

While the trail itself is used by off-highway motorcycles, the volunteers who participated in the project came from a variety of different backgrounds.

Volunteers rerouting a trail section

These groups included the Back Country Horseman, Utah Rocky Mountain Bikers, Utah ATV Association, Uinta Trail Council, as well as independent volunteers.

In addition, staff from the Heber/Kamas Ranger District showed up to help; choosing to work shoulder to shoulder with trail users on their personal time. 

Overall, over 25 people assisted with the group project.

Many of these volunteers also participate in Trails Work Group meetings. The group convenes monthly where they share ideas, possible issues in the area, and discuss what trails could make for good projects. Rather than concentrating in one discipline, the group is made up of various different rider types.

Projects such as this are a great example of multiple user groups coming together for a common goal. While this trail may not benefit all of those involved in the project, these individuals still took time out of their day to assist. 

We would like to extend a big thank you to Eliza Hawkins, Cheryl Butler, and Russ Hanson from the Pleasent Grove / Spanish Fork Ranger District for coordinating this project.

Utah is one of the most sought after riding destinations in the world, let’s keep our trails beautiful by following this example of hard work and comradery.

Learn more about these groups by clicking their names in the article above.

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