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Volunteers Clean Up Ward Canyon

An area In Ward Canyon Prior to the volunteer clean up.

As its name suggests, Bountiful is an area with much to offer in the outdoor recreation world; especially when it comes to Ward Canyon.

Because of this beauty and popularity, as well as its proximity to the city, portions of the canyon can quickly become “over loved.” 

To help keep this beauty intact, it takes a combination of consistent management and on-the-ground volunteers working together.

Recently, a group of these volunteers — made up of members from the Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders, Salt Lake Off-Road Expo, and the U.S. Forest Service Salt Lake Ranger District — came together to put in some good old-fashioned work up Ward Canyon.

The group worked tirelessly throughout the day to clean up some of these areas. Often times, some locations are used for unauthorized camping; which can leave trash and other items strewn across the ground.

Volunteers haul trash during a cleanup up Ward Canyon

By the end of the day, the area was significantly more clean than it was when the volunteers first arrived.

Check out some of the included photos to see the volunteers at work!

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation encourages everyone visiting our public lands to keep them clean and to lead by example.

Always clean up your area after using it, and it never hurts to pack out any extra trash you come across. Help keep our public lands clean and beautiful.

We would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to all those volunteers that continue to dedicate their time to the areas we all love and enjoy. Keep up the good work!


Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders

Salt Lake Off-Road Expo

U.S. Forest Service Salt Lake Ranger Dist.

Volunteer Group Photo

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