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What Antler Gathering Closure Means for Antelope Island

Antelope Island State Park

The Antelope Island Open Access Shed Hunt will be postponed until early May in response to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ (DWR) emergency closure/delay.

The amendment,  set by DWR,  is due to concerns of extreme, prolonged cold and deep snow. This decision has closed antler gathering in ALL of Utah from Feb. 3 – April 1. Originally, the delay was placed on 11 counties but has since been made to include the state as a whole.

Antelope Island’s delay will extend until early May so sensitive and stressed animals can recover from winter conditions. The new opening dates for Antelope Island’s Open Access Shed Hunt are Monday, May 8 (east side) and Tuesday, May 9 (west side).

The reason for Antelope Island’s continued delay is due to the calving and lambing season for bison and bighorn sheep. This can be an especially strenuous time for the animals, so we want to avoid the added stress of foot traffic during that time.

For those of you wanting to gather shed antlers, you will need to wait until the closure has lifted.

See you on the Island, and remember to always dress for changing weather.

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Antler Sheds in the Snow (Utah DWR)

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