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Utah Snowmobile Association Volunteers Push Through The Cold


Utah Snowmobile Association Project

It’s getting cold outside; but to outdoor lovers, this means the fun is just about to start. But before the fun in the snow can begin, there is plenty of work that needs to get done first. Much of the work across the state is supplemented by volunteers.

Volunteers from the Utah Snowmobile Association chose to spend their weekend hours by spending the day setting up trail markers on the Cold Springs Trail in preparation for snowmobile season.


Utah Snowmobile Association Project

Located off of Mirror Lake Highway  from Rockport Reservoir, the volunteers’ efforts were rewarded with beautiful views of the fall colors in contrast with the snow.

At the top of the trail there was at least 10 inches of snow; allowing Cal Taylor from the Utah Snowmobile Association a quick snowmobile ride. Not bad for this time of year.

Although, it was cold and snowy everyone had fun and the project was a success.  A great thanks to all of the volunteers and Ranger  Aaron Hone who faced the cold conditions to help the OHV community safely enjoy Utah’s trails.

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