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Tips: Boating in Cold Water

Temperatures are dropping, which means so is the water at your favorite Utah boating spots. So, before heading out, we’ve put together some tips to help keep you safe and warm. Boating season is almost over, so get out and enjoy yourself before the ice comes in!

1) Check the Weather

Check at least 3 days before your trip  and the day of for the weather forecast of the body of water you are planning to boat on.  Always keep a weather eye to the sky.

2) Dress Correctly

Dress for the water temperature other than the air temperature.  Layer your clothing with a synthetic layer close to the skin.  Bring spare clothing incase you become cold or wet.

3) Wear Your Life Jacket

Wear a life jacket!  Life jackets will buy you time if end up in the water.  Cold water can incapacitate a person very quickly even if they are a good swimmer.

4) Have a Way to Communicate

Keep your cell phone or marine band radio in a waterproof pouch and on your person.

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