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Brody Young’s statement to the Press

My wife, children and I wish to express our gratitude to the Shumway family for their dedicated and successful search efforts on this case.  We wish to acknowledge the countless hours put in by the Grand and Weber County Sheriff Offices in this five year investigation. We are grateful for Federal, State and local authorities who assisted in the initial search efforts and the on-going investigation. Hundreds of officers and individuals spent countless hours searching the area. We appreciate their dedication and determination to bring this case to a close.

We are grateful for the first responders, ambulance crew, and medical staff at the Allen Memorial Hospital (now Moab Regional Hospital) for their quick response and treatment. We are indebted to the flight crew and the medical staff at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. I wouldn’t be alive without them. We also want to thank Mountain Land Physical Therapy for their tireless efforts in my complete rehabilitation.

There are so many others who have reached out and helped our family and while there are too many to individually recognize, we say thank you!

Our thoughts are with Lance Arellano’s family, especially his mother and daughter. Five years of uncertainty is a long time. We hope this brings closure and allows them to move forward. We wish nothing but the best for them.

My family and I want everyone to know we have been and are extremely blessed. For many reasons, we were able to put the events of this unfortunate incident behind us several years ago. Due in large part to our faith, we have completely forgiven Lance Arellano. This event has strengthened us as a family and individually… and for that we are grateful.

With the help of those mentioned above along with many others, I have returned to work with Utah State Parks as a ranger with the boating program. My responsibilities include education, enforcement, navigation and policy making involving all types of boats. I continue to work as a Law Enforcement Ranger for the state of Utah.  I’m proud to wear the badge again. I love my job! I enjoy serving the public and feel satisfaction in helping those I contact.  I look forward to meeting you as you enjoy the great state of Utah!


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