Off-Highway Vehicles

OHV Advisory Council

The Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Advisory Council exists to represent various user groups as decisions are made regarding OHV laws, rules, and programs. The council meets up to four times a year and makes recommendations or suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of the OHV program. Their input is sought for matters that concern the general OHV community.  

The 12 OHV Advisory Council members are appointed by the Board of Parks and Recreation. Each member of this council is appointed to serve a four-year term and will represent a specific user group. Members must be an active OHV user, an advocate of the sport and have a passion for OHVs.

The meetings are open to the public, and members of the public are welcome to attend and/or contact council members via email at  You can also view OHV Council meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

12 Member Council Positions

Kirk Chester
Snowmobile Representative

Evan Glenn
Bureau of Land Management

Ron Tolman
Four-Wheel Drive Representative

Brody Johnson
All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Representative


Tommy George
Member-At-Large Trending Issues

Scott Wheeler
Off-Highway Motorcycle Representative

Off-Highway Vehicle Safety

Cheryl Butler
U.S Forest Service

Eric Nelson
Off-Highway Vehicle Dealers

Tyson Todd
School Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA)

Youth Member