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Anasazi State Park Museum 

Located in Boulder, Utah, this museum educates visitors about the Fremont and Ancient Puebloan cultures that existed here from 1000-2000 years ago. The park also serves as the region’s cultural center, offering a variety of enriching educational and recreational experiences.

Camp Floyd / Stagecoach Inn State Park & Museum 

This site ties together many important local, regional, and national historical developments. The spot was once used as a Pony Express stop, a stagecoach station, and even the temporary home of the largest military outpost in the United States from 1858-1861. The park’s mission is to provide an interpretation of the area’s early territorial history; including Camp Floyd, Stagecoach Inn, Pony Express Route, and the 1890s-era Fairfield Schoolhouse.

Danger & Jukebox Caves

Found near Wendover, these caves are incredibly significant archaeological sites that contain over 11,000 years of the history of human inhabitation of the Great Basin. The caves also hold important clues to changing weather, water, and habitat conditions in the area.

Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum 

This museum is located on an Ancestral Puebloan village and borders a modern-day Reservation. The museum preserves, protects, studies, and celebrates the diverse lifeways of Native Peoples of the Four Corners area.  The museum works to build respect for and understanding of these cultures through dynamic exhibits and programs. The facility also serves as an archaeological repository of the highest standard.

Historic Fielding Garr Ranch Heritage Site 

This heritage site is found on the East end of Antelope Island State Park and acts as a time capsule that preserves 130 years of Utah Ranching Life. Historic structures, rustic exhibits, interpretive tours, and popular annual festivals bring the “cowboy way” to life for international tourists, local visitors, scout troops, and school groups.

Fremont Indian State Park Museum

During the construction of Interstate 70 in the 1970s, the largest known Fremont Indian village was uncovered near Richfield. The mission of Fremont Indian State Park museum is to preserve and interpret artifacts, petroglyphs, and pictographs left behind by the Fremont people who inhabited that village some 700-1,600 years ago.

Frontier Homestead State Park Museum 

A Cedar City favorite! The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and interpret materials that illuminate the Iron County area’s rich history. Through the examination and exhibition of records, narrative experiences, and artifacts, Frontier Homestead seeks to create a connection between the past resident of Iron County to the present and future residents and visitors. Frontier Homestead is the only institution actively interpreting the history of the region.

Old Iron Town

Visit the ruins of the iron works and a preserved beehive-shaped charcoal oven, and stroll along the nature trail. Before embarking on your journey to Old Iron Town, visitors are strongly encouraged to first stop by the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum in Cedar City to obtain a better understanding of the area and to pick up a self-guided tour brochure.

Historic Huber Grove Heritage Site

This site is located within Wasatch Mountain State Park in Heber Valley. The site showcases a unique 150-year-old orchard homestead. Approximately 80 trees are still bearing Red Astrakan, Yellow Transparent, Wealthy, and Ben Davis varieties of heirloom apples. The public is welcome to join in on the harvest each fall. The site also features a historic hand-sawn wooden plank home and a stone creamery.

Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum 

The museum preserves and interprets the site of Utah’s first territorial capitol building. It also showcases the historical development of surrounding communities. The Statehouse is the center of a variety of educational and recreational activities and community celebrations. Come learn some traditional dances at our Utah Statehood Day Dance or stroll through a winter wonderland with our Old-Time Christmas displays.

Utah Field House of Natural History 

The museum educates visitors about 2.3 billion years of the Earth’s history through interpretive exhibits and interactive programs. These exhibits showcase the region’s uniquely exposed geologic layers and spectacular paleontological specimens. The facility’s fossils, full-size skeletons, and life-like replicas entrance and delight visitors both young and old.