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Utah Lake Advisory: Algae Present


Utah Lake Advisory

It has been discovered that a  algae bloom is occurring at Utah Lake.

As this bloom is being investigated, we are advising that members of the public not swim, boat, or recreate on the water at this time.

While this advisory is in place, Utah Lake State Park will remain open with access to our day-use facilities and camping areas.

However, please do not swim or recreate on the water. Also, please take caution with your pets, livestock, and children to ensure they do not enter the water at this time.

The swimming portion of the triathlon scheduled for this coming weekend has been canceled, and race organizers are considering moving locations or perhaps changing the race to a run/bike.

For more information and media inquires about the algea bloom, please contact the Utah County Health Department and the Department of Environmental Quality.

We will be posting more information and changes should they arise.

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