Boating Access Grant (BA)

The Division of Parks and Recreation and the Division of Wildlife Resources will not be accepting applications this year for FY19 (next available year). This is due to an overwhelming amount of ongoing projects and available matching funds to bring them to completion.  

Eligible Projects

  • Launching and docking

 – Ramps, courtesy docks, boat lifts, breakwaters, docks and marinas, access roads, bridges

  • Facilities

– Restrooms, fish cleaning stations, trash receptacles, lighting, park areas, pump-out stations, camping areas

  • Navigation aids

– Dredging, weed control, buoys, water rights

  • Engineering

– Planning, construction, environmental assessments, permitting

  • Outreach

– Signage, brochures, maps, websites

  • Operation and maintenance

– Launching and docking, facilities, navigation aids, engineering, outreach

  • AIS related projects

– On-site permanent and semi-permanent decontamination stations, clean/drain/dry areas, signage and other outreach media.


Application Process

In preparation for submitting an applications, project proponents are encouraged to contact Nathan Owens, Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator at 385-239-0861 or via email, for guidance and to discuss project details.

Save your completed application as a PDF and submit completed application and any other associated attachments (e.g., maps, diagrams, photos) electronically by email.

Applications are due and must be in the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources office on or before 5:00 p.m. on October 30, each year.  Late propals will not be accepted.

Please submit your applications and all supporting attachments via email to Nathan Owens at


Grant Award Process

Submitted BA applications will be reviewed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatics Program, the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation Boating Program and Boating Advisory Council.  Applications submitted will be for funding from July 1 – June 30, of the following fiscal year.

Proposals will be reviewed during the months of December and January. Applicants may be contacted to clarify the details and merits of their proposal. Applicants may also be requested to present in-person or arrange an on-site tour of the proposed project to Advisory Council members.