Goblin Valley State Park

Penny Press Geocache Challenge

There are four geocaches hidden in the park, each with a different image from the penny press in the visitor center.  Come and try to find each of the geocaches and collect all four pennies.

The coordinates are:

Penny Design: Valley Of The Goblins
Location: Valley 2
38°33’29.2″N 110°41’52.6″W

Penny Design: The Three Sisters
Location: The Three Sisters
38°34’06.4″N 110°42’09.4″W

Penny Design: The Henry Mountains
Location: Goblins Nursery – Curtis Bench
38°33’43.2″N 110°42’40.5″W

Penny Design: Wild Horse Butte
Location: Wild Horse Butte
38°34’42.1″N 110°43’00.1″W