Bear Lake State Park

Upper Logan Canyon Snowmobile Trail Grooming Report

UPDATED 12/2/2022:

While there is sufficient snow at the trailheads, we are currently not able to pack the trails because the snowcat/groomer experienced a major breakdown. We are working with the Division of Outdoor Recreation on getting the snowcat/groomer repaired and/or a loaner snowcat/groomer so that we can get going again. We will be attempting to get the snowcat/groomer back to the shed on 12/3/2022 with the assistance of EPIC Recreation and the Division of Outdoor Recreation.

12/2/2022: Snow conditions are good with @ a foot of new snow in the area of the Beaver Creek Lodge.

12/1/2022: We started packing the Swan Flat Loop trail and the snowcat/groomer experienced a major breakdown about a mile out. The snowcat is still on the trail.

11/30/2022: We conducted a pre-season orientation for our returning grooming employees.