Antelope Island State Park





Looking North across Antelope Island from Frary Peak

Antelope Island State Park is an expansive area with numerous opportunities for recreation, exploration, and wildlife watching.

Amenities include:

Things to consider before coming to the Park:

  • There are no gas stations on the park. The nearest gas stations are along Antelope Drive, in Syracuse City, approximately 10 miles from Antelope Island.
  • Coming by Uber, Lyft or another rideshare? These services will only drop you off. Once on the park, there are no shuttle services or buses. Plan carefully where you want to go once you get here. Also, many times these services are reluctant to come back out and pick you up. Plan accordingly.
  • The visitor center and restrooms close at 5:00 pm in winter and 6:00 pm in summer.
  • Restrooms that remain open after hours are located at Bridger Bay Beach, and pit toilets are located throughout the park.