Outfitting Company Licensing & Information

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People or Businesses who Carry Passengers for Hire:
Utah has additional requirements that you need to know!

What are some specific examples of Carrying Passengers for Hire?

  • Lake or river fishing guide, operating a service from a boat.
  • A whitewater river rafting guide.
  • Wakeboard instructor with operation service from a motorboat.

Official Definition

Carrying Passengers for Hire is defined as, “to transport persons on vessels (boats) or to lead persons on vessels for consideration.” Consideration is defined as, “something of value is given or done in exchange for something given or done by another.”

First Aid & CPR Standards 

Outfitting companies are responsible for researching advanced/basic first aid and CPR courses that meet the National Emergency Medical Services Educational Standards. See link below to compare the course your guides must have to carry passengers for hire.

Click Here for the National EMS Education Standards

The Application Process

License to Save Time

  • The entire licensing and permitting process does NOT require you to appear physically at a Division office.
  • The Process: Complete the application and then email, mail, or fax the application.

2020 CPFH Outfitter Application

Study Guides

The Importance of Vessel Inspection 

The Utah boating Act requires Utah Division of Parks and Recreation to ensure the safety of vessels and persons on the water.

Boats can be less forgiving than land-based travel. All other modes of transportation who carry passengers for hire have inspection programs.

Vessel Inspection programs are a reasonable solution to ensure public safety.

 Benefits for Outfitting Companies: Our goal is to work together with outfitting companies to provide the public with safe and meaningful experiences on Utah’s waterways.

Outfitting Companies & Required Annual Inspection Program

– All outfitting companies will need to have an annual ‘self-inspection’ program to ensure the vessel’s safety.

– Outfitting companies with larger, motorized vessels will also need to participate in a five-year inspection program performed by a trained inspector representing Utah State Parks.

Not all vessels are the same; therefore, not all inspections are the same. Vessels are only inspected for the systems, structure, and equipment associated with those particular vessels.

Vessel Inspection Forms

Need more information? 

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