Boating Registration & Insurance

NOTICE: The Utah Boating Progam is no longer a part of the Utah Division of State Parks and will now be managed within the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. The content of this webpage will be removed shortly. Please visit for updated information.

1. Registration Basics
Boating Utah Registration Requirements:

  • Current Registration in Utah. All motorboats and sailboats must have proper registration with current registration decals to operate Utah waters legally. For more information on registration and titling, visit the Utah DMV Watercraft page.
  • Decals. Certificates of registration and annual registration decals obtained by presenting the correct application form, fee, and validated tax certificates to the Utah DMV. Click here to find an office near you.
  • Exceptions to registration.  Canoes, kayaks, and other vessels not propelled by motor or sail. Also, out-of-state residents using Utah waters for 60 or fewer days with proper registration in their state.
  • Keep Certificate On Board. The certificate of registration is required onboard and available for inspection by any law enforcement officer whenever the vessel is in operation.

How to Place Your Decals
Need a visual?

Check out the proper bow/assigned number and registration decal placement.
Remember, you are responsible for the purchase and placement of your bow/assigned numbers.

Utah Boating Bow Numbers

Utah Boating Bow/Assigned Numbers

2. Insurance Basics

Cruise with Coverage. It’s the Law!

  • Each motorboat and personal watercraft (PWC) are required to carry the owner’s or operator’s liability insurance when operated on Utah waters.
  • The minimum insurance requirements are: $25,00-/$50,000 bodily injury/death  – $15,000 property damage or $65,000 combined minimum per accident.
  • Motorboats equipped with engines less than 50 horsepower and all airboats are exempt from this requirement.

Proof of insurance must be carried onboard the motorboat whenever it is in operation. 

Evidence of insurance coverage includes one of the following items:

  • An insurance policy
  • A binder notice
  • Renewal notice
  • Or a card issued by the insurance company

Non-Utah Residents
Registration and Insurance Information

A motorboat owner by a non-Utah resident and registered in the non-resident’s state must meet its state’s insurance requirements or have 90 days to comply with Utah’s liability insurance regulations.

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