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Utah’s Boating Law Highlights

Utah’s Boating Laws & Rules – Complete List (Coming Soon!)

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Carbon Monoxide Pamphlet:

Provides very helpful information on what to do to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning in a boating environment. It also includes a two-part sticker that helps to remind the operator and anyone near the swim deck about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

Pump it Out

Pump it, don’t dump it! Onboard sewage management is not an enjoyable matter to think about, but is an important part of maintaining your boat’s system and your own health.

The Basics of Marine Radio Use Pamphlet:

Provides details on how to properly use a Marine Band Radio.

State Boating Law Comparison Guide:

Briefly compares some of Utah’s basic boating laws and rules to the states that share a common border with Utah.