Boating Fees

NOTICE: The Utah Boating Progam is no longer a part of the Utah Division of State Parks and will now be managed within the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. The content of this webpage will be removed shortly. Please visit for updated information.


Your money goes back to your boating adventures!

The State Parks Boating Program Aims to Please with Your Fees!
You can sleep well at night knowing your boat registration fees (the $43.50 state tax portion), goes directly back to support your boating sport. The State Boating Program makes this happen!

Here is your Boating Fee Breakdown.
Your Boating Registration Fees are split (not proportionally) between the separate sections of government, the State and County. The State and County individually budget their fees.

1. State Taxes ($43.50)

The State Tax Portion has you covered by the Utah State Parks Boating Program.

Here is the Program’s State Tax Fees Breakdown: 

  • $30 – Registration Fee
  • $10 – Aquatic Invasive Species Fee
  • $0.50 – Search and Rescue Fee
  • $3 – Electronic Payment Fee.
  • Total: 43.50 

*The remainder of the boat registration fees you pay are allocated to your Local County.

2. Local County Taxes

The Local County Portion is the remainder of your boat registration fees. The total money you pay varies depending on the vessel (boat) type, length, fuel type, county tax, possible uniform fees, and other factors. To find out more about your boat fee breakdown and its uses, contact your county assessor or visit the DMV website.