Boating Advisory Council (BAC)

NOTICE: The Utah Boating Progam is no longer a part of the Utah Division of State Parks and will now be managed within the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. The content of this webpage will be removed shortly. Please visit for updated information.

The Boating Advisory Council (BAC) represents various user groups to help review and make recommendations relating to boating laws, rules, education, and programs. The BAC meets up to four times annually. Meetings are open to the public, and you may view BAC meeting agendas and meeting minutes. If you have a question for the BAC, their email is

The nine-member BAC is appointed by the Board of Utah State Parks and Recreation to a four-year term. Members must be active boaters and advocates for their sport.

Council Members

Lana Vissor, Boating Safety & Education Organizations

Represents boating safety and education organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron.

Richard A. Walsh, Chair, Sailing

Though sailboats make up less than two percent of registered boats, they represent significant use at our larger boating waters and marinas.

VACANT, Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft make up 18% of registered boats in Utah. PWC users have unique issues with their sport.

Robert Peat, Marine Dealers

Marine dealers are often the first contact with new boaters and have a valuable relationship with all boaters.

Jason Taylor, Outfitting Companies

Represents outfitting companies, which carry passengers for hire on the water.  Commercial outfitting on the water includes those involved in river running, motorized and non-motorized tours, guided fishing, and water sports schools.

Trent Hickman, Paddle Craft

The paddlesport area is one of the fastest-growing water-based activities.

George Sommer, Boating Anglers

Forty-four percent of boat owners engage in fishing from a boat.

Brett Olsen, Vice-Chair, Water Sports

Thirty-five percent of boat owners participate in water sports, such as waterskiing, wakeboarding or other towed activities.

Bill Mason, Motorboats

Eighty percent of registered boats are motorboats, with 20% of boat owners engaging in general boating activities not covered by other members. These activities include marina use, boat camping, touring, and sightseeing.