AIS Education Course

NOTICE: The Utah Boating Progam is no longer a part of the Utah Division of State Parks and will now be managed within the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation. The content of this webpage will be removed shortly. Please visit for updated information.

Quagga mussels on a boat propeller

We need everyone’s help in order to stop the spread so that Utah’s water bodies remain accessible to the public and continue to provide incredible recreational opportunities for everyone.

Mussels are a threat to Utah water bodies. They’re so small, they could be hitching a ride on your boat without you even knowing it. They’re dangerous and they’re damaging. That’s why it’s so important to prevent spreading them to other Utah waters.

Mussels form dense, destructive colonies that encrust almost any underwater surface. Newly hatched mussels (called veligers) are microscopic. Veligers can easily be transferred to other waters without boat owners even knowing.

Boaters who are not residents of Utah are required to take the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Aquatic Invasive Species Education Course as part of their “Mussel-Aware Boater Program.” The course is voluntary for Utah residents.

Take the AIS Education Course