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Volunteers Remove Over One-Ton of Trash From Fivemile Pass

Fivemile Pass Cleanup Group

FIVEMILE PASS OHV AREA — As members of the outdoor recreation community, few things can make us happier than setting off on our favorite trail with friends and family members.

Just as true, however, is how all those happy feelings can come crashing down when we discover that one of our favorite areas has been littered with trash by other visitors.

Recently, one group of volunteers set off to clean up one of Utah’s most beloved areas restore it to the beauty it deserves.

Nick Lees, Utah Off-Road Recovery Team, at the Fivemile Pass Cleanup

The group — made up of members from multiple different outdoor recreation and OHV groups, as well as their families — gathered together at Fivemile Pass for what would turn into a day filled with a “ton” of work.

The volunteers met at the main trailhead where they enjoyed a lunch before heading out. Attendees also had the chance to win prizes from Trasharoo, the outdoor company whose mission is to help keep our outdoors clean.

After food and fun, the group split up into three different areas, focusing on the Overlook, Rattlesnake, and Mine Trailings Trail.

The group worked tirelessly throughout the day. By the end of the project, the volunteers managed to gather over one-ton of trash, with a total of 2,040 pounds of waste gathered.

Brain Twyman, BOAR Club President, poses on a pile of trash. The group gathered over one-ton of waste at Fivemile Pass

To put that number in perspective, that is roughly half the weight of a new model Jeep Wrangler!

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation OHV Program would like to thank all of the individuals involved in this cleanup effort, as well as the Salt Lake City BLM Field Office. We would also like to encourage recreators to always pack out the trash they bring in.

The organizations involved in the volunteer effort include: Trasharoo, Backcountry Off-road Adventure Rally, Utah Jeep Crew Community, Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, Utah Off-Road Recovery Team, Celtic Warrior 4×4, Salty Krawlers, Expedition Utah, Knights Templar 4×4, and the Utah State Parks OHV Program.

The event was organized and coordinated by BOAR President Bryan Twyman; Utah Off-Road Recovery Leader Joe Belk; and Matt “Big Sarge” Westrich, the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association President.

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