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Volunteers Install New Beacon Transceiver at Monte Cristo

Always let someone know where you are going, or better yet, bring a friend!

MONTE CRISTO — Winter is in full swing and the mountains have been immersed in deep snow. This has been great news for snowmobilers, who are loving the several feet of snow being dumped each storm. However, with our beloved powder comes an increase in avalanche danger.

There has been a substantial amount of avalanche activity in the Utah mountain ranges, making safety a top priority for outdoor lovers. Through a joint venture with the Golden Spike Snowmobile Association, a new beacon transceiver has been installed by the Club at the Monte Cristo Trailhead up Ogden Canyon.

The transceiver will allow snowmobilers to ensure their beacons are working properly before heading out into the back country. Snowmobiles are the number one cause of human triggered avalanches and it’s essential to always carry a beacon probe and shovel when traveling in the back country.

Utah’s snow is perfect for outdoor adventures.

It’s also important to “Know Before You Go” about the dangers of avalanches and how to rescue someone that is caught in an avalanche.

Check out the Know Before You Go website for more information. kbyg.org.  Also, check the avalanche forecast in your area before heading out by visiting the Utah Avalanche Center website.

A special thanks to Jeff Eddings and Dennis Kowalewski from the Golden Spike Snowmobile Association for installing the transceiver.

The Club will also be maintaining the transceiver for multiple seasons. It is through valuable partnerships with clubs that contribute to the success of the OHV program. Check out the Golden Spike Snowmobile Association for more information.

New Beacon at Monte Cristo Trailhead

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