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Volunteers Brave Cold, Repair Fence on Public Lands Day


Public Lands Day Project

While many people celebrate National Public Lands Day by going outside to hike, ride or swim; there are others who see it as an opportunity to help.

Three different clubs – the Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders, Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers, and Public Lands Equal Access Alliance – came together with rangers from the Logan Ranger District on Sept. 24 to move and reassemble a buck and rail fence.

To make their efforts even more admirable, these workers spent all day working in the cold, wet and muddy conditions.


Public Lands Day Project

This contribution is a large part of a trail re-alignment the Logan Ranger district has been working on. Their project also includes dozer work with the goal of enhancing trail sustainability which helps us all enjoy trails longer.

Along with the volunteers from the three clubs, we’d like to thank Dave Ashby, Zach Maughan, Lisa Thompson and the rest of the staff from the Logan/Ogden Ranger District for providing these volunteer opportunities on Public Lands Day.

These efforts help keep Logan Canyon a beautiful place to visit.

Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers
Public Lands Equal Access Alliance
Northern Utah ATV Trail Riders

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