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Park of the Week: Yuba State Park


Boat-in camping, sandy beaches, off-highway vehicle riding and warm waters lure visitors to Yuba Reservoir. Developed and primitive camping areas are available at Oasis and Painted Rocks and Eagle View campgrounds and at designated beach areas. Yuba is popular with anglers fishing for walleye, northern pike and yellow perch. Others seeking more adventure can take a ride down the zip lines.

Visitors with a good eye can sometimes find evidence of the ancient Native Americans that once lived in the area. Rock art, pieces of pottery, and stone tools are among items that have been found around the reservoir. Remnants of mining and ranching that took place in the area are also visible to those with an interest in older cultures. Visitors are allowed to explore the area, but area asked not to disturb or remove any artifacts. Any findings should be reported to Yuba State Park staff.

Yuba State Park got its name from the individuals who built the dam. Local farmers and ranchers had to build the dam themselves or risk losing their water rights. The men working on the structure called it the U.B. Dam. As they worked they sang a song that stated they were damned if they worked and damned if they didn’t. The phonetic sound of the reservoirs name was eventually spelled Yuba.

Saturday, July 11 at Yuba- Sandcastle Building Competition: Join us for the third annual sandcastle building competition beginning at 1 p.m., on the north beach. Awards given for both individual and team categories. Registration begins at noon. $5 per individual; $10 per teams. Day-use fees apply. 435-758-2611

Sand-Castle tent Yubaziplineedit

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