Commercial Boating

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Carrying Passengers for Hire/Outfitters

Utah has additional and specific requirements for those people or businesses that carry passengers for hire. Examples include: a lake or river fishing guide who performs a service from a boat, a whitewater river rafting guide, or a wakeboard school instructor who takes people out on a motorboat to teach them how to wakeboard.

According to the Utah Boating Act, “Carrying Passengers for Hire” is defined as “to transport persons on vessels or to lead persons on vessels for consideration.” In addition, “Consideration” is defined as “something of value given or done in exchange for something given or done by another.”

As of March 1, 2010, the entire licensing and permitting process does not require you to physically appear at a Division office. The application process can be completed and information verified by your employing outfitter company and then faxed, emailed, or mailed. Any required test is completed at local college or university testing centers.  YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT if you are to appear in a Division office.  Failure to do so may result in rejection of your application.

Please allow five to seven business days for us to process your application for a Utah Captain/Guide License, Boat Crew Permit and/or Outfitter Registration. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant/outfitter.

Utah Captain’s/Guide License and Boat Crew Permit Application and Testing Process

Study Guides

Outfitting Company Registration and Information

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Vessel Inspection Forms

The Utah Boating Act requires Utah State Parks to ensure the safety of vessels and persons on the water. All other modes of transportation carrying passengers for hire have inspection programs and with boats and the marine environment being less forgiving than land based travel, an inspection program is reasonable to ensure public safety.

All outfitting companies will need to have an annual ‘self inspection’ program to ensure vessel safety. Those outfitting companies with larger, motorized vessels will also need to participate in a five year inspection program that will be performed by a trained inspector representing Utah State Parks. Not all vessels will be inspected in the same manner. Vessels will only be inspected for the systems, structure and equipment associated with that particular vessel.

Our goal is to work together with outfitting companies to provide the public with safe and meaningful experiences on Utah’s waterways.

For further information please contact the boating program staff at 801-538-7361 or at

Boat Liveries

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Utah has specific requirements for those persons or businesses that rent boats to other people.

The Utah Boating Act defines a “Boat Livery” as “an entity which holds any vessel for renting, leasing, or chartering.

Utah Requirements:

  • Registration: Boat liveries must be registered with Division of State Parks and Recreation. Please fill out the Boat Livery Registration Form.
  • Information: The boat livery must advise the lessee or renter of a vessel of all of the boating laws and rules which the lessee or renter must obey.
  • Equipment: The boat livery must equip a leased or rented vessel with the required safety equipment.
  • Agreement: A copy of the lease or rental agreement must be carried on board the leased or rented vessel and must contain the following information: The vessel’s assigned (bow) number; The period of time for which the vessel is leased or rented; A check-off list of the required safety equipment on board the vessel.
  • Records: The owner of a boat livery must keep a record of a lease or rental transaction for at least one year. The record must have the following information: The name and address of the person renting or leasing the vessel; The identification number of the vessel; The vessel’s departure date and time; The vessel’s expected time of return.


Boat Dealers

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The State of Utah classifies a vessel dealer as any person who has an established place of business and sells motorboats and/or sailboats. Any potential vessel dealer in Utah must first submit an application to the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation for approval.  This application needs to be completed to obtain dealer numbers and registrations decals.

Download the Boat Dealer Application or contact us at:

Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation
1594 West North Temple, Suite 116
P.O. Box 146001
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

More information on the new changes please download this letter.